A Visit to the sets of Devon ke Dev Mahadev

It’s been a little more than a year since my love affair with Devon Ke Dev Mahadev,, a TV series on LifeOk began. I remember being totally awed by the awesome perfection it brought to Indian TV, a mode of entertainment I thought was too mediocre, up until now. But on that fateful day of 18th December 2011, when DKDM’s first episode was unveiled, I lost all my prejudices regarding the lack of talent in our TV industry.

As the series progressed, I kept marveling at the staggering perfection of it all. Every project has it’s strengths and weaknesses, but I could not find any flaws with DKDM. The casting was impeccable. The dialogues were just right, classy yet comprehensible. The scenes were written beautifully. The music made the soul dance.  The make-up, attire and conceptualization of the characters were so powerful that it brought the world of Mahadev right into our living rooms. An addiction was inevitable. And what an addiction! Just watching wasn’t enough anymore. I had to talk about it , write about it , shout on the roof tops about how life-changing  a TV series can be!  I was soon writing every week about Devon ke Dev. on TV entertainment sites and on my blog. I opened fan pages. In other words DKDM took over my life.Image

When an output is so flawless, it is natural to wonder about the process. And thus began my research into the machinery of DKDM.  How is this magic produced? How many people work behind the scenes and just how much of work is involved? For one year I entertained this obsession, fed on every bit of info I found and kept falling deeper in love with the series and Mohit Raina, an actor who had personified my Mahadev of dreams with absolute perfection.

Finally on 2nd February this year I, with two of my DKDM fan friends, Anjali and Ayesha,  got a much awaited chance to spend some time at the original magic minting workshop of DKDM.  We were blown away when we got to know the immense amount of hard work that goes in creating one single episode. It’s like a fabric being made out of delicate threads. So many unsung heroes work with unimaginable patience behind every single scene.

Regarding our visit, There were 2 heroes there who made every minute on the set worthwhile: One being the actor that we all identify as God Himself, Mohit Raina and the other one from behind the scenes:  The Creative of the show, Angira Vats.

Often we get so obsessed with the characters that we fail to acknowledge the background work  that goes into making them so obsession -worthy. We were very lucky to have met Ms. Angira Vats who gave us some priceless insight into how DKDM continues to break its own benchmark every day. In the middle of effortlessly screening cast out of her cellphone for different characters, and instructing her assistants on their tasks, she also managed to give us heart warming attention. Her affable personality and sharp wit made the visit one of the most enjoyable experiences for us till date.

We discovered stories that increased our respect for the entire crew even more. It is not uncommon for the workers, graphic experts, editing staff to work entire nights. There are people who work till 5 AM and then doze off on the set props to get a 2 hour sleep before work starts again. The making of a TV series is a continuous process and people involved are fighting a battle against time. But at the end it’s all worth it for the DKDM crew, as this series is a project that pays back ample in terms of quality satisfaction.

Ms. Vats also introduced us to the production manager, Sanjay who kindly treated us with “meetha paans”  and told us stories about families travelling to sets in hopes of getting a glimpse of Mahadev  and how many people shed tears of devotion on seeing Him. There was an unmistakable pride in the eyes of these “behind the scenes” geniuses when they were telling us these stories. It  is obvious how dear this project is to them and how proud they are of being associated with this dream venture.Image

DKDM has shown an unquestionable mastery especially over the execution of different avatars that Mahadev and Parvati keep taking from time to time. Who can forget the raw power in Veerbhadra or the authenticity of the old stooping man (Mahadev)asking for Kartikeya’s Shivling? If you are wondering who to thank , it’s Ms Vats and her creative team. They first conceptualize the entire avatar and then work closely to turn it into reality.  We were lucky to see some of the preparation for Mahadev’s Batuk avatar. . A tiny Trishul with little rudraksha beads and a small damru had just been finalized and approved in front of our eyes.

We were curious watching Angira’s effortless expertise and asked her how she ended up doing what she did.   Turns out she studied journalism, but her innate creative instincts couldn’t be hidden for long and she ended up working for projects like Gadar- Ek Prem Katha and quite a few other movies.

With an unmistakable twinkle in her eye  she tells us that as soon as  Nikhil Sinha called her  about the commencement of  Mahadev was , she left the project she was doing  right in the middle. Her instincts told her that this would be a be a dream project.   Having worked with Nikhil before on Jai Shri Krishna, there was no doubt in her mind that  Mahadev  was  an opportunity not to be missed.

If you have ever wondered how the casting in Mahadev is so perfect, it’s because the production and the Creatives work hard on it. Ms. Vats instincts with casting is strikingly accurate. The amazing Saurabh  Raj Jain who has been charming us as Lord Vishnu was also cast as Vishnu in Jai Shri Krishna on her idea.

After the behind the scenes talk, it’s time to talk about the face of the show.   Mohit Raina, while playing the God of Gods, has managed to establish himself as the actor among actors. We have been long term fans , running among others, a fan page for him, because we were  blown away by his personification of Mahadev since the first episode.

Watching Mohit Raina in his mettle during the shoot is an ethereal experience. Not only he looks as gorgeous off screen as on screen, his aura is breathtaking. Just watching him do his scenes with that effortless ease yet awesome perfection is inspiring in more than one ways.

Frankly, we  never thought he would notice us when we sneaked in during the shoot and grabbed three chairs in a dark corner. But to our surprise, as soon as the scene was over, Mr Raina just strolled over casually and recognized us with names, all on the basis of sundry twitter interactions. Yes that’s how smart he is!


If we were awed before meeting him, we have turned super awed fans for life after meeting him. His skill of multi tasking  is noteworthy.  He managed to do his scenes, learn his lines and spend ample time with us, without doing injustice on any front. We were floored by his attention. He practically took care of all our wishes till the time we were there. From getting us lunch served before we even realized we were hungry to letting us  click pictures in the privileged quarters of his room, he made us feel like princesses.  Like the true Mahadev, he had a solution to all of our problems. When the huge technical camera that Ayesha was carrying turned out to be too technical for us , Mr Raina got us the in- house cameraman. When we wanted his autograph on pictures but didn’t bring a marker, he managed to procure it even when it seemed unlikely. There was not one awkward moment all throughout the day. He put us so much at ease that we forgot we were meeting our own personal God  for the first time .  It is striking how a man who is being idolized literally like a God all over the country,  keeps himself so grounded and unassuming, unaffected by the growing grandiosity of his fame.  DKDM has not only discovered a perfect Mahadev, they have brought out an extremely talented gem of a person.

We always suspected he had a great sense of humour and we were so right. He made us laugh and those random moments when he broke into an extremely breathtaking smile, are engraved forever in our memories. His thoughtfulness and grounded attitude is what we will cherish forever. Like a true gentleman he even asked us how  we  were planning to go back and seemed relieved that we had a cab waiting. He sent his assistant to drop us back to the cab who graciously invited us to come again and stayed till our cab left.  A special mention to Mohit’s assistant ( though I asked his name twice, I can’t place it)  for being so nice to us all day and for taking care of us.

Our walk through the set was also an amazing experience. We saw the making  of the  much anticipated “bhavan”  which will be produced due to Parvati’s demands.  The “karigars” were hard at work in a makeshift shed.


The set of  Kailash was breathtaking. Parvati’s kitchen utensils were being finely polished and I got an opportunity to sit on Mahadev’s throne ( It didn’t  bring me face to face with my  Adi -Shakti roop to my disappointment). Everybody on the set was very friendly and very nice to us.



It was a dream date with Kailash extended to us by both Mohit and Ms Angira Vats. We cannot thank them enough ever. This experience will stay with us all our lives and we will remain fans forever. We hope we can visit again after a while and bring you more news from them and get more of your love to them. Till then  let’s keep watching DKDM with the same  fervor and  let’s keep discussing the brilliance on all online forums like we have been doing since the magic spell was cast. Here’s to more passion and love for Devon ke Dev Mahadev!

 Note: This post would not be complete without extending heartfelt gratitude to Raghvesh : If not for him, this would have remained an unfulfilled dream.

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A full fledged dreamer. I prefer to see life pass by from a train window rather than trying to catch up with it. P.S I write if I feel like it!:)

76 Responses to A Visit to the sets of Devon ke Dev Mahadev

  1. Maith says:

    Lovely writeup T! So happy you got to meet Himself and see how things work. Big Kudos to Ms. Vats – her casting has been very good and eye for detail is excellent! As you know, my ardor had cooled somewhat, but your visit and trip report have rekindled the fire. (Now submit trip expenses in triplicate please…oh wait :))

    Here’s to more visits to the sets, and more interactions!

  2. Sirisha says:

    Great article! T ; I like the insight in what goes on behind the scenes, in creating a master piece like DKDM.The true magicians are indeed behind the screen.its great to know that in present day values,an actor,a heart throb,a popular one like Mohit possess good old-fashioned qualities like Chivalry.That makes him more lovable to me.
    with him

  3. sirisha says:

    Excellent Article T! Like the insight into what goes on in creating a master-piece like DKDM. Truly unsung heroes and magicians are indeed behind-the screen.
    Its great to know that in present day values; an actor,a heart throb, a popular one like Mohit possesses good old-fashioned qualities like Chivalry. To me that make him even more lovable.

    So glad that you got to meet him in person and visit and checkout the sets of Kailash:-)

    Hoping we get more interactions from him in future and again Kudos on creating the FC and maintaining it. You three are truly the unsung heroes for this FC. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in creating the card and entertain all the 100 questions we’all throw at you on twitter!

  4. Shruti says:

    What a wonderful experience and an equally lovely recounting that will make everyone else who was not there feel it too:). It is amazing to hear a first hand account of exactly how much work goes into something that when you watch on screen, appears all effortless and magical. I am really glad you got to meet those unsung heroes who put in immense effort to each day bring us entertainment and reach out to the imagination of millions. Ms Vats sounds incredible and she clearly is:). As for Mohit Raina, what can one say? Not only does he portray a God with enough conviction to make everyone believe he is one but he is a gentleman in the true sense of the word. I also want to thank you and Anjy and Ayesha for making me feel involved even though I heart wrenchingly missed out on the actual set visit due to distance. That phone call from Mohit will be a treasured memory as will his personalised autograph. May God always bless our lovely Fan Club and the whole FC family as well as the entire crew and cast of Mahadev:)

  5. Aparna Thiyam (@thiyamappy) says:

    As usual very well written T.Really what a wonderful experience, reading ur article makes me feel as if I was there with u guys.Like I said if we want n wished to happen, dream comes true.There is no word to describe or praise Mohit Raina but yes after reading ur article my respect for him has increase more.Thanks for bringing out the hard work behind the scenes n those responsible.
    All I give is lots of love n my best wishes to Mr. Mohit Raina n the entire team of DKDM. May god bless FC n may Mr.Rina’s love alwys shower on FC n all his fan members.

    p.s This is just the beginning,there will be more visit including Shruti :)

  6. Furrow says:

    Love the way you write! You bring people and places to life through your writing and transport your readers to where you traveled! A mark of a genuine bard! What a gift you have Tulika. I look forward to more of your writings – if I cant make it there myself, I know I can travel through your verses. Thank you!

  7. Shambhavi Sinha says:

    As I said you people lived a dream… A dream of 1000+and many more. Your words literally took me on a tour of the sets of DKDM. And as for Mohit Raina. His generosity and benevolence suits his personality and there would never be a doubt about it since he plays such a powerful role and is object of devotion for so many people throughoutt our wonderful country. May the all powerful Mahadev always smile upon him and YOU. My Best Wishes to you. And a big THANK YOU!

  8. Anushree says:

    beautifuly written. i felt as if i m d one who visited d magical sets! i just woke up n its d first thing i did to read ur blog! n truly said d hard work of d whole team shows. right frm kaarigars to d actor n d director! kudos to Ms.Angira Vats fr being so creative! i loved all d avataars of mahadev. lucky u! u girls lived up my dream also! thnk u so much

  9. Ankita banerjee says:

    Congrats!! Congrats!! It been a wonderful experience fr u 3…bt hoping S over there so tat MR cud meet his 3 angels…fr me after reading this ws lyk i ws also there with u guyzz over there….u wrote it wonderfully T…hatsoff 2 u guyzz :):)

  10. Nikita Kanade says:

    Agar kisi chij ko dilse chaho to puri Kaynat tumhe usase milane ki sajish mai lag jati hai. :) Apka ye blog padhne ke bad muje aisa hi kuch lag raha hai.. Very well written by u, Lord Mahadev hai hi aise ki unke bare mai jo bhi karoge vo Khubsurat ban jata hai,, I think ye team isi keliye hi Paida huyi hai khas kar Mohit Rainaji ,,, He is Super Duper Talented and Nice Human being… Love him and Proud of him and the whole team of MAHADEV. LOVE & RESPECT :)♥

  11. Asha Mendu (@hopeenlight) says:

    Thank you FC for a most comprehensive review of your visit to the sets of DKDM. Makes the rest of us fans feel like we were there as well… almost. So happy to hear that you all got to meet Mr. Raina in person and see him in action during shots. That is a lucky break, indeed! Hats off to the creative team led by Mrs. Angira Vats. Having never really seen any other Indian television shows prior to this (other than Ramayan on VHS several years ago), I was completely awestruck with the whole aura of the show, when I was introduced to it late last year. Of course, Mahadev and Sati, the ultimate divine first lovers of the Universe were the icing on the cake which completely bowled me over and got me hooked to the show. The dedication of the cast and crew is discernible in the final product that is enjoyed and disussed at length with much enthusiasm by fans all over the world, which is no small feat. The outpouring of love and affection by the fans toward Mr. Raina and the show is easily recognized as soon as a new member visits this FC. I am glad and thankful that I found kindred spirits with whom to converse daily. Thanks again for sharing this wonderful experience with all of us.

  12. ashwini says:

    i knew it.what can be a better surprise than this for all from life ok.u remember i guessed this that time itself?bt u dint explain how all this got arranged.who approached u?of course thing was not managed in a day.mahadev is no doubt a milestone for MR bt did u tell him we are still missing his “Agantuk” and want GKD to be resumed ?I couldn’t get a single tweet from him.(sigh).and i am no more on twitter now.

  13. Revati says:

    thank you for a wonderful n precise description of what is happening off screen of DKDM. You made us apparently feel little satisfied but surprisingly it increased the yearning for our Mahadev more an more. Yes, it is true, that Mohit gave a wonderful exact form what I already have in my heart, of my very sweet beloved Mahadev who always stand beside me in my life so close than my breath, faith and life itself. So surprisingly, there is not at all a single minute of dissatisfaction about any thing in manifesting His powers and bringing them to us in such wonderful creation. And which creation also made every one to think and analyze from a point of a common human mind with complex and simple problems and get a solution in a philosophical way. The very purpose of the DKDM creation is being served. We all and Mohit is also indebted to the Lord for every thing what we have now at this stage! Kudos n lots of love to our Mohit, Ms.Angira, her team, entire team of DKDM, Life OK for such a festivity to the eyes, ears n heart! Bhakti predominates the Jnana, with its inexpressible unconditional love with the feeling of ananyata, and it is more powerful to reach the desired which is established with your visit to Mohit Mahadev! Many Jnanis must have also wet with love on Mahadev from coming out of nirbhava to bhava! that is the magic we have in front of our eye in the form of DKDM! much thanks to you tulika for bringing this on n off screen picture to us! love….

  14. Revati says:

    As you wore your shoes and sat on the place where our Mahadev meditates, you did not realize your adi shakti avatara!! try once again with out shoes…all the best !! :D :P

  15. Rini says:

    Wow Tullika, thanks for bringing all that into our notice. The write up really brings imagination live. The experiences you encountered seem to be wonderful and enthralling. I am sure you guys had a great time. Most importantly, its really nice to learn about a show that has changed our lives. And of course our very own Mahadev! He so seem to have a remarkable personality and a wonderful human being. And as you mentioned about his down to earth nature, makes me all the more fan of his. And yes we can never imagine that to make us watch 30 minutes of share brilliance in the show daily, there are a no. Of people working day and night. :). This is a great piece of work! And above all thank you for making this MR fan club and bringing the show more closer to our lives. :)

  16. Rahul Bajpai says:

    Very Well Written Lipi!

  17. ashwini says:

    ohh so u mean it was not life ok’s surprise which they promised u?well did u ask him about GKD and told him group chats that are still going on about agantuk?

  18. Puja says:

    Beautiful article Tulika as usual ! What a wonderful
    experience… Really. Reading your article makes me feel as if I was there with u guys. Now I really want to visit there. Many congratulations to all three of you. And a big salute to the entire DKDM team for their hardwork. Once again thanks a lot for this article.

  19. Nikhil Jain says:

    absolute justice to writing… great work. knowing about the so called unsung heroes, their role n dedication in making this show a treat to watch, a story to believe. pleased to know that MR is not only a great actor but a true gentleman. respecting n caring someone with such heart shows this. liked him as mahadev always now on will respect him as a person also. now to you ms tulika thank you to take us so close to cast n crew of show. you are a fantastic writer.

  20. Luvly words, wonderful expressions as always..If Mohit Raina’s acting could make us feel the presence of Lord Shiva, then Tulika di your words make me feel as if I’v lived n relived each of these moments with our Mahadev in reality… Thnx for this awsum treat to my imagination…Love and Heartfelt Regards- Monali

  21. It is hard to be humble when the whole world gives such a high place to someone an believes him to be the greatest. Mohit is well-grounded and a very humble human being :) Loved to know the way he treated all of you on the sets. May God give him more than he ever wished for. May God give all you three more that what you’ve ever dreamed of :)

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience of your MOHIT-MAGIC-TRIP :)

  22. sohini says:

    awesome article T!! and thanks alott to write all the details of ur experience and feelings as we come more close to the offscreen excellent team of DKDM!!! forever fan of Mohit_fc superawsm MR army ;) and my Love and respect increases day by day for living God Mohit Raina!!

  23. ashwini says:

    sorry,i dint comment on your article.i am just talking about your visit.bt what can I say .I am a mere reader.all i can say is u are the one who puts everyone’s random thoughts in perfect words.or you write so beautifully that we cant disagree any of your statement.This is my unique comment for all your articles.keep it up.best luck.

  24. Mukta says:

    lovely article, T. Not for a moment did I feel like I wasn’t there with you, living THE Dream :) :) :) :)

  25. Revz says:

    Reading your article about your experience about DKDM by arriving on the sets of the shoot is magical. I feel as if I have been there and never left. Great job as always you lot. God bless you all the way :)

  26. Rupali says:

    With so much of hard work and dedication being invested by everyone, no doubt DKDM is this awesome and doing wonderfully well..A big thanks to all involved for giving us such a b’ful show to look forward to every evening and a very special thanks to ATS for making this show even more memorable for us by giving us the FC family …u guys are equally dedicated and hardworking..hence ur efforts are being recognized and appreciated by one and all..God Bless you :) :)

    p.s.As usual, the article is b’ful T..:) I felt I was experiencing the visit myself..!!

  27. IshaAC says:

    Amazing writeup tulika! U made us feel like even we were present out there….. Thanks for sharing such a memorable experience of yours with us….. And each one of u in the FC makes me feel so close to MAHADEV and MR…… Thanks!:D
    good luck!

  28. Pushpa Patil says:

    Beautiful article Tulika Di. So happy you got to meet him in person. What a wonderful experience…really. Thanks for bringing out the hard work behind the scenes and throwing light on Ms. Vats n the entire team. Hats off to their efforts. May Mahadev alwys bless them.

  29. Pallavi says:

    Hello T ..again would wanna say a lovely explanation when it comes to anything and everything about DKDM.. I do understand the amount of hard work that goes behind a series is beyond imaginable.So as always a big thank you and standing ovation firstly to the entire crew of DKDM ,the producers.directors as well… To that every character actor who portray their roles so amazingly that we have already addressed them with the same now.Special mention to the life of this series..MAHADEV aka MOHIT RAINA ..i just do not have words to praise him.I keep tweeting this and will say this here as well.. MR has tremendous potential,fantabulous performer who essays his role so flawlessly. Thank U to Triangle Film Company & to the creator behind this Beautiful Epic and making us all learn the true essence of MAHADEV..

    T u have put up fabulous write up..:) so happy u all had personal live meet with everything and with every one.Thank u to U all for taking us on journey from your point of view to… :) God bless U all :)

  30. anjy19 says:

    The article is a PERFECTION just like our set visit was. The flow of all the events are superbly put, no wonder the readers are able to connect themselves n they are feeling as if they were there. I will never forget how each and every person there were so sweet to us specially Mohit Raina for whom I have huge amount of respect and no one can ever take his place in the list of my admirations now..:D
    And you know the fact that you are writing something after ages made it more delightful to read..;)
    Here’s to a visit where all three of Mohit’s angels can go together…:D

  31. Janaki says:

    Could literally feel myself navigate thru the fateful day!! T u write soooo beautifully!! A very description of the man himself… Here’s to more interactions and set visits!

    • Rahul (@Filmy_Rahul) says:

      I second that completely. The way you have described it T, we can totally imagine how the set was like. So happy for y’all. :-)

      *loud claps*

  32. Priyanka says:

    Gr8 article Tulika.. Had been missing your Maha Monday articles, but this one covered it all.. You are so magical at your words.. Felt like i was almost there on the sets.. Glad u met our idol.. Each & every instance is described so beautifully.. Thank you so much for everything..

  33. Priyanka Mane says:

    really Really gr8 words “T”, Missing your Maha Monday Article me too.

  34. everybody dream to meet their heros but not everybody make it possible in reality but you guys did it a big thumbs up for that :) Tulika you poured your experience that it make us feel actually we were there Thanks for this wonderful article to let everyone know what an actual serial set is n how much unseen heros working hardly behind this grand screen.there are some people out there whom we call as trend setters you guys are one of them you guys took this fan clubbing to next level n make a way for all the fans to feel stay connected with Mohit n DKDM.your visit proved that Mohit is not as reserved as we thought n BIG BIG thanks for assuring us with his weekly tweets :) ATS are indeed Mohit’s angels!!!

  35. Sonia dkdm fan says:

    Amazingg!Awesome!Blossom!Congratulations on ur journey frm being a dreamer to a achiever!Dreams hav cm true fr u n thanks so much fr penning down ur experience beautifully.my heart left craving for more of mohit,bt dats what is expected frm die-hard mohitian .isn’t it.Big hug n lots of love on ur successful landing on cloud9.every word of this article is oozing out positivity n satisfaction.Love.

  36. YummyDoot says:

    Congrats!! God has fulfilled ur wish. I’m really happy for u guys :))) & thanks for this brilliant article. U hv written it so beautifully, it feels like all of us (all fc members) were there. Once again thanks for sharing ur experience & those lovely pics :)

  37. Dipika Shirodkar says:

    Yet another amazing article Tulika di…the way u described ur experience made me feel that i myself was visiting the DKDM set…every bit put together perfectly…if some1 could describe his/her dream come true beautifully it has 2 b the way u described it…starting frm what DKDM is to us followed by ur experiences on the sets n ending with a happier note of being a lifelong DKDM fan made the article super awesome!! On reading through developed huge respect fr those working behind scenes…the unsung heros…specially Ms. Angira Vats…n how can i forget to mention the description of time spent with Mohit Raina makes me long more to see him & meet him in person :)

  38. Anonymous says:

    You have just so much perfection in your words :) It totally conveys what’s in your heart! And It was a great experience reading it! Awesome job done!! :)

  39. Shiva Devotee says:

    Another flawless narration from a gifted writer. Keep up the good work Tulika!! Thanks for bringing the unsung heroes and behind the scenes magic machinery of DKDM to the front lines. God bless all the creative souls who work so hard to give us this masterpiece.

    Here is to many more such visits and hope you realize your Adi-Shakti roop soon:-)

  40. Ayshwarya Shivakumar says:

    You just have so much perfection in your words! wow u convey it totally! loved this write up! way to go! Long live our FC family :)

  41. Anonymous says:

    Tulika, I have no words to describe my feelings as I read your article. You have such an amazing talent for writing, you made me feel as if I was right there with all of you. Up until recently I have been a silent participant on the FC. I didn’t even know about DKDM until Sept/12 until a friend here in the US mentioned a few months before that and even then I didn’t pay attention. But suddently in September I wanted to know more about it (out of the blue). This friend gave me access to her satallite connection over the internet and I started to watch it then. After watching a few episode, I realized this series was so good that I had to start watching it from the beginning. Then began my search on the internet for all the earlier episodes and of course all the info I could find on the incredible actor that played mahadev. I also found this FC and so began my journey with you guys and all the members of this fan club. I cannot tell you how my life has changed since then…my faith has been renewed in my own religion and I’ve found so many like-minded people on this FC. I have read everything you’ve written on your blog and appreciated your insight and have learned so much from you, Tulika. For someone so young, you are very wise, way beyong you years. Thank you for your dedication to this FC, ATS. I am a fan of you all for life!

  42. harnisha says:

    perfectly set my mind to visualise its just like im not an alien anymore , <3 u tulika for ur unwavery and affectinate thoughts towards everybody <3 to read all ur articles…:) keep it up tulika mahadev is seeing u..:)

  43. Tulika, I have no words to describe my feelings as I read your article. You have such an amazing talent for writing, you made me feel as if I was right there with all of you. Up until recently I have been a silent participant on the FC. I didn’t even know about DKDM until Sept/12 until a friend here in the US mentioned a few months before that and even then I didn’t pay attention. But suddently in September I wanted to know more about it (out of the blue). This friend gave me access to her satallite connection over the internet and I started to watch it then. After watching a few episode, I realized this series was so good that I had to start watching it from the beginning. Then began my search on the internet for all the earlier episodes and of course all the info I could find on the incredible actor that played mahadev. I also found this FC and so began my journey with you guys and all the members of this fan club. I cannot tell you how my life has changed since then…my faith has been renewed in my own religion and I’ve found so many like-minded people on this FC. I have read everything you’ve written on your blog and appreciated your insight and have learned so much from you, Tulika. For someone so young, you are very wise, way beyong you years. Thank you for your dedication to this FC, ATS. I am a fan of you all for life!

  44. Archana Nanda says:

    Frankly, I am feeling so J of your visit and what an awesome experience you guys had. I can literally imagine the scenes in my mind what you have described here. You are really lucky to have sat on Mahadevs throne itself (although it is a set, but still) not everyone will get that chance. Surely you are Mahadevs favourite ;). Thanks a lot for sharing your experuence so beautifully and taking us all through a fairy tale ride :))

  45. wow such a nice write up it is! You’ve described even the smallest detail so well that I could imagine the real scenario before my eyes.Loved it completely :)
    and congratulations!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Amazingly fab T, i was serious u should take on writing. sharing ur experience with such good word power is impeccable.

  47. Anita says:

    Amazingly fab T, I was serious u should take on writing!! sharing ur experience with such good word power is impeccable.!!!

  48. Suman says:

    Wow! that was wonderful write up. Love the part where you say Mr.Raina was so helpful and recognized u guys immediately. Loved it. You three( u, Anjy and Aashi) are incredibly lucky! :)

  49. oh Tulika !!!
    Thank You for immortalizing our visit to the sets of DKDM through your words.
    Angira Vats … u r a rockstar
    and Mohit Raina … ur such an amazing actor cause you dont act …
    You are so true to the role and so natural which is why u r able to play Mahadev to such perfection. And that can only come through a pure heart <3
    Cant believe how this journey started … and I am truly honoured to be able to go to the sets with amazing people like Anjy … the one who started the FC and Tulika who really gave it a direction.
    Shruts … not only did we miss u … but Mohit Raina also did !! ;)
    Looking forward to working behind the scenes of DKDM someday !!
    This is just the beginning guys !!!
    Mohit_FC … keep rocking \m/
    wonderful article T … and to have lived every word written in the article … just takes it to a whole new level :D

  50. Asita says:

    I m fainting……a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig shout out!!! OMG u hv done it!! seriously feeling like we hv also visited the sets with you guys!!!


    After MR i m a big of this FC & specially U!

  51. You truly brought out your visit and the whole experience out so vividly! Thank you also for representing us fans and sending our love to the entire DKDM Team as well our Mahadev, Mohit ji too. God Bless. xx (@SudakshinaKina )

  52. crvats says:

    Super article – well written yet again Tulika and thanks very much for acknowledging me as well ;-)
    Cheers & take care

  53. Anonymous says:

    An amazing description of what can only be said as a rare chance to meet DKDM’s stars. Enjoyed reading the article!
    Would love to pay a visit too, if I know where the shooting is being held at:)

  54. Anonymous says:

    An amazing description of what can only be said a s a rare chance to meet DKDM’S stars.
    Enjoyed reading the article.
    Would love to make a trip down to see it for myself, if I knew where its located:)

  55. Jay says:

    An amazing description!Felt like I was there myself!
    Would so love to make a trip down, if I knew where its located:)

  56. Anonymous says:

    m sorry i replied late but i already told u the reason di and today i especially opened my laptop to read the article.. and am as usual awed to read it.. merely reading the article i felt that i was with you on the sets… amazingly written ( but well thats nt a new thing.. u have cast the magic time and again..,:D ) but this one ws truly awesome.. and in the end to know that mohit raina is grounded even after all the fame.. and at the end i wud say i am happy tht all the effort u have exerted are paid off..!!

  57. di am sorry for ur late reply but i told you the reason. well i especially opened twitter on my laptop to read the article and comment. di the article is amazing,, just reading it made me feel as if i was on the sets with you.. the content and the language of the article is super awesome ( but then its nt a new thing you have done that time and again.. ;) ).. but this one was pure awesome… the way u mentioned abt. the creative cast and its gud to knw tht mohit is grounded and loving even after all the fame..i would also say that i am happy that u were on the sets meeting the Actor of Actors in person it wud be a completely awesome experience.. No doubt,. well atlast all your efforts “paid off”… in the end i would say just one word for the article and the meeting.. and tht is “WOW”

  58. gouthami karanth says:

    i dnt knw wt magic u hav in ur hands to put d words directly into our heart! lulvy writing n an super cool language! im completely spell bound by ur article n to say abt mohit raina i guess we need to create a new dictonary of all adjectives n given me a chance i need to interview u T di! u r simply outstanding!no dout in it! :) :)

  59. Santosh dhadave says:

    I love this story of mahadev but i don’t show after last two weeks becoz i haven’t settopbox so please send me 3gp video in my yahoo id please……….

  60. pushpendra chauhan says:

    wndrful moments ..i also wnt to be a part of this serial….bt mere spne gao ki mitti m e dfn hokr reh jynge..

  61. Vikrant Mangal says:

    I am sorry to say this, but I really have no idea, whom should I address this message. So I am addressing this message to whole team, If anyone from team gets to know this comment, please do reply to this. I want to see some episodes which were deleted from every portal of internet. I want to see the episode of 15th May 2012 (Sati dahan), Mahadev entering into the Daksh’s Sabha. Please tell me how to watch those videos. :(((((((((((((

    I am really a big big fan of mahadev, sati, parvati…I have never missed any single episode ( I started watching when Parvati came in the serial). I started watching from the 1sr episode i.e. from 18th december 2011, but It is very disappointed for me when I wait for some particular special video, but then i get to see the message that it has been deleted. Please help me!!!!

    I hope you guys would not ignore this message…

    Love always


  62. Govind bisht says:

    Mohit raina as Mahadev role are perfect.Acting,Face expretion,bodi language it all prefect.Because I am a theater Actor so keep knowlage.For Acting call-08449804457,Govind bisht, Gangotri,Uttarakhand

  63. Hey Tulika..

    Such an awesome article, such a clear description..hats off. I was not a follower of DKDM from very beginning but i have started watching it recently and believe me…in last 1 month i have watched it since very 1st episode of 18th Dec 2011 until now and have now become one die-hard fan of Mohit and his spenldid character of Mahadev.:) It’s going all crazy and i know you will understand it ;)

    I have recently become active on twitter as well just because Mohit is only using twitter as social media :D (kavs2206), I am following u guys there and marvellous job you are doing :)

    I work in Singapore and will be travelling very soon to Mumbai for work purpose, visiting after 2 years and don’t know when again I shall be visiting Mumbai. Just wanted to visit the sets of Devon ke Dev Mahadev. I have done lots of research since a week but couldn’t get set location details and now I have finally landed to your blog. Will you please help me in providing the set location details and I shall be able to visit and meet Mohit and entire DKDM crew…please..its a humble request. or else you can guide me on how can I further struggle to get this detail..thanks a lot in advance :)


    • TulikaD says:

      oops. saw this late. but even if i had on time, couldn’t help. it is a closed set and you can only go as invited guest. i just got lucky

  64. Aakriti Sharma says:

    Hi, Me and my family is a big fan of Devon Ke Dev Mahadev specially of Mohit Raina (Mahadev), earlier Parvati also left the serial which should not happen but Mohit Raina is the breath of the serial please don’t let him go. If he is coming to Flims its good for him and for us also to watch him in films and will definitely watch that too but he should not left this serial.

    Mohit Rainia please don’t go from this serial this role is perfect for you and no one else can do this. “All the best for your films” but don’t go from here we can’t even imagine too see someone else doing Mahadev role instead of you.


  65. karan ullengal says:

    Plz cn u tell me where is the set of dkdm?
    Is it in mumbai??
    Sum1 Plzz give me the add ma crush wants to go ova der!!
    Plzzzz guyz!

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